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Slendertone Women's Arm Toner

Toning your triceps is the secret to firmer underarms

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3 toning programmes to make you look and feel amazing

Enhance your exercise routine

We recommend sitting down for your first Slendertone session, however all 3 training plans are built to help you get more out of wake-up workouts, triceps exercises and Pilates and dumbbells routines.

Don’t sacrifice work or family time to train

If you struggle squeezing training into a busy day, use any of the 3 toning programmes during day-to-day activities like taking the dog for a walk, cooking dinner and sitting at your desk during work.

Clinically proven to tone triceps

Our clinically proven electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology delivers gentle signals directly to the nerves which control your triceps brachii muscles.

These electrical pulses are similar to the ones that your brain sends directly to working muscles when you’re exercising or even carrying shopping bags or pushing a buggy.

This causes the nerves to contract and relax your triceps, which tones them to improve firmness and definition on the underarms.

What's in the box?

  • Slendertone triceps toner

  • Gel pads to get you toning

  • Quick-start guide and manual

  • Controller sold separately

Meet the Slendertone family

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