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Aroma sheet for sleepion 2 or 3


For Refreshing 

When you want to concentrate, when you want to feel refresh or wake up your sleepiness, it is recommended to refresh the aroma.


1. Lemongrass : 10pcs (Brilliant and refreshing. Smell like lemon.)

2. Peppermint : 10pcs (Refreshing smell with a refreshing feeling.When you want to keep your head clean, when you get tired.)

3. Grapefruit : 10pcs (Refreshing citrus scent that can be well. Aroma perfect for mind and body refreshment.)

4. Rosemary : 10pcs (Clear and clean scent.When you want to focus at study or a meeting, or wake up sleepiness.)

5. Forest : 10pcs (The scent of the forest as if you were taking a forest bath.When you want to renew your mood.)

6. Sweet Orange : 10pcs (Fresh and sweet smell.When you want to light up your mind or when you want to feel relieved.)

7. Lime : 10pcs (Fresh citrus flavor with a slight bitter taste.To change the mood when tired.)


For Relax 

When you feel stressed, when you want to get rid of irritability, or when you want to go to sleep well, it is a relaxing aroma.


1. Lavender : 10pcs (The smell of fresh flowers that are widely loved. When I can not go to bed because of tension or anxiety.)

2. Hinoki : 10pcs (The smell of sweet wood that feels nostalgic. When you want to take a break.)

3. Rosewood : 10pcs (A sweet and spicy scent with a woody scent. When you want to rest your mind.)

4. Geranium : 10pcs (A sweet floral scent also used for perfume and soap. When you want to balance the mind and body.)

5. Benzoin : 10pcs (Sweet and warm like vanilla. Perfect for the introduction of sleep.)

6. Frankincense : 10pcs (A sweet and refreshing smell also called as a balm. When you want to be released from fatigue.)

7. Bergamot : 10pcs (It has a balanced taste of bitterness, bitterness and sweetness. When you want to calm your heart.)


Blank type (use for your own aroma oil)

QTY: 20pcs



Aroma Sheet (for sleepion 2 & 3)

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