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儘管它具有10000 mAh的超大容量,但它擁有超輕巧而時尚的機身。
使用iPhone 8可以完全充電3.5次,使用Galaxy S 9可以完全充電2次。


Despite its super large capacity of 10000 mAh, it is an ultra compact and stylish model body.
With iPhone 8 about 3.5 times, with Galaxy S 9 about 2 times full charge is possible.
With a feeling of size that fits in the palm of the hand, it fits perfectly into the side pockets of business bags and backpacks for going out.
The color of the body made of aluminum material is cool metallic gray.
Mobile battery that has a profound feeling and a sense of luxury that can be "a feeling of being able to do it" is sure to be active in the business scene or in the private!


cheero Power Plus 5 10000mAh with PD 18W (Metallic)

庫存單位: CHE-101
  • This item is not available to ship outside Hong Kong. Please contact us for more informations. 

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