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筆記本型PU皮套“EURO Passione”現已推出新款iPhone 11(2019年9月發布)。我們的目標是採用合成皮革作為材料,同時保持筆記本皮套的功能,同時也是GRAMAS的代名詞,從而產生更實惠的產品。在最大限度地發揮抗污垢和划痕的合成皮革的特性的同時,我們精心製作細節,並將其加工成不僅價格低廉的產品。




Notebook-type PU leather case “EURO Passione” is now available for the new iPhone 11 (announced in September 2019). We aimed for a more affordable product by adopting synthetic leather as the material while maintaining the functionality of the notebook leather case, which is also synonymous with GRAMAS. While maximizing the characteristics of synthetic leather that is resistant to dirt and scratches, we carefully create details and finish it into a product that is not just an inexpensive version.


* This product will be shipped after September 20th.

GRAMAS COLORS "EURO Passione" PU Leather Book Case for iPhone 11

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