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AirPods第二代和第一代都適合用的保護殼,使用PU皮革,顏色很好,耐髒污和防水。帶有登山扣,可以連接到包或衣服上。GRAMAS COLORS 的款式既可以作為時尚點穿著,也可以防止充電盒掉落/丟失。


  • Euro Passione


  • 2WAY


  • 帶登山扣


  • 對細節的承諾


  • Lightning 線充電兼容的外殼


  • QI charging(非接觸式充電)兼容



*此產品約5 - 14天內發貨。


The second generation and first generation of AirPods are suitable for use with PU leather, which is very good in color, resistant to dirt and water. With a carabiner that can be attached to a bag or clothing. The GRAMAS COLORS style can be worn as a fashion point or to prevent the charging box from falling/lost.



  • Euro Passione

    Use PU leather that is bright and resistant to dirt and water. The sleek and simple design is free to match clothing and handbags.

  • 2WAY

    The charging case can be mounted forwards or backwards. * There are holes on the front and back, so you can check the LEDs on either side.

  • With carabiner

    With a carabiner that can be attached directly to the belt loop of a bag or trousers

  • Commitment to detail

    The location of the hidden buttons and carabiner and the center of gravity of the shell are carefully selected to look beautiful when connected to the bag. In addition, the edge treatment is applied in multiple steps rather than once, resulting in a thick, smooth finish.

  • Lightning cable charging compatible enclosure

    With the case installed, you can charge using the Lightning connector.

  • QI charging (wireless charging) compatible

    The included case allows for wireless charging of the Qi standard. *Depending on the type of charger, it may not be available. * Open the flip cover when inflating.


*This product is shipped within 5 - 14 days.

GRAMAS COLORS "EURO Passione" PU Leather Case for AirPods

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