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一款結合了兩種材料的玻璃混合外殼“Glassty”已經出現在新的iPhone 11(2019年9月宣布)中。透明錶殼,方形設計。背面採用高硬度和高度透明的鋼化玻璃,TPU側面具有出色的緩衝性,可保護iPhone免受衝擊。與傳統的透明殼體(由聚碳酸酯/ TPU製成)相比,難以獲得細小的划痕並且可以長時間保持透明度。




A glass hybrid case “Glassty” that combines two types of materials has appeared for the new iPhone 11 (announced in September 2019). A clear case with a square-shaped design. High-hardness and highly transparent tempered glass on the back and TPU with excellent cushioning on the side protect the iPhone from impacts. Compared with the conventional clear case (made of polycarbonate / TPU), it is hard to get fine scratches and can maintain transparency for a long time.


* This product will be shipped after September 20th.

GRAMAS COLORS "Glassty" Glass Hybrid Shell Case for iPhone 11

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