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新款iPhone 11(2019年9月發布)的外殼式外殼“TAIL”採用PU皮製成的“尾部”。它不僅可以用作錶帶,還可以通過彎曲或旋轉變成“智能手機環”或“支架”。智能手機尾部,根據想法執行各種功能。那就是“TAIL”。




The shell type case “TAIL” for the new iPhone 11 (announced in September 2019) has a “tail” made of PU leather. Not only can it be used as a strap, but it can also be turned into a “smartphone ring” or “stand” by bending or rotating. A smartphone tail that performs various functions depending on the idea. That is “TAIL”.


* This product will be shipped after September 20th.

GRAMAS COLORS "TAIL" PU Leather Shell Case for iPhone 11

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