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新款iPhone 12 的“Rib”防震混合外殼。通過在外部使用硬質聚碳酸酯材料並在內部使用柔軟的緩衝TPU,可以保護手機免受各種划痕和撞擊。


Card slide type

機箱背面有一個可以插入和存儲卡的地方。 取出卡時,可以向後滑動後部,露出卡的邊緣並將其拉出。 


"Rib" shockproof hybrid case for the new iPhone 12 . By using a hard polycarbonate material on the outside and a soft, cushioning TPU on the inside, the phone is protected from various scratches and impacts.


Card slide type

There is a place on the back of the case where you can insert and store the card. When you take it out, you can slide the back part sideways to reveal the edge of the card and pull it out. One original design magnetic shield card is attached to prevent radio wave interference with the iPhone.


GRAMAS "Rib-Slide" Hybrid Shell Case for iPhone 12

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