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  • Using the ANT+ speed-cadence sensor XA-CS2, you can find the perfect cadence: one that's comfortable, but still provides some resistance. It can help you improve your riding efficiency and cardio-respiratory capacity. Indoor or outdoor, the XA-CS2 sensor will always give you accurate riding mileage, helping you pace your ride effectively and achieve optimal riding state.
  • Find your perfect cadence
    Why need to know cadence: Too high: Quickly causes breathlessness, while also making it difficult to increase speed. Too low: Also referred to as "mashing"; this increases stress on your knees and lactic acid tends to build up in the muscles. Perfect cadence: Comfortable with moderate resistance, improves riding efficiency and increases cardio-respiratory capacity.
  • Speed sensor
    Whether you are practicing indoor, or exploring outdoor, the XA-CS2 will always provide you with accurate riding mileage and speed data. It's your best training aid.


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  • For mobile case product, it takes up to 3 - 10 days to dispatch depends on stock availabilty. 

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