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美國公司專利研發嘅汽車抬頭顯示器,真正為安全 ,真正為安全 而生,鑑於駕駛者將視線移去導航而生,鑑於駕駛者將視線移去導航 而生,鑑於駕駛者將視線移去導航 裝置、手機或者儀表板時,即使短 裝置、手機或者儀表板時,即使短 裝置、手機或者儀表板時,即使短 短幾秒也有潛在危險,此裝置助你 短幾秒也有潛在危險,此裝置助你 短幾秒也有潛在危險,此裝置助你 瀏覽資訊之餘同時留意路面情況, 瀏覽資訊之餘同時留意路面情況, 瀏覽資訊之餘同時留意路面情況, 下載兼容 HUD app導航地圖等資訊, 容易收納, 去外國自駕遊都唔怕唔熟路,車主千祈好錯過! 

-所有智能手機及HUD app適用
-大幅度 調較合適角大


HUDWAY Cast is a portable heads-up display you can use in any vehicle. It sits on the dash and wirelessly mirrors smartphone screen in front of your eyes. This is how you can view directions and keep your eyes on the road at the same time.

The best thing is that you can still control basic phone functions on the smartphone — say, quickly manage calls, switch tracks, or share location while seeing directions on the HUD. We designed our HUDWAY Cast app to make it possible!


庫存單位: MP6J821N6607559
HK$2,480.00 一般價格
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