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  • 自動夾緊:接近傳感器檢測並保護智能手機
  • Qi認證,無線充電7.5W(iPhone)和10W(Android)。
  • 智能手機釋放按鈕
  • 伸縮減震伸縮臂
  • 可調節支腳以支持智能手機
  • 反光貼紙可增強對黑色或啞光手機和手機殼的檢測能力。
  • 超強吸盤可安裝光滑或有紋理的表面。


US Best Rated Car Phone Mount


  • Automatic clamping: proximity sensor detects and secures smartphones
  • Qi Certified, wireless charging 7.5W (iPhone) and 10W (Android).
  • Smartphone Release Buttons
  • Expandable and shock absorbing Telescopic Arm
  • Adjustable Foot to support smartphones
  • Reflective sticker enhances detection of black or matte finish phones and cases.
  • Super strong Suction Cup installson smooth or textured surfaces.

iOttie Auto Sense Automatic Wireless Charging Dash Mount

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