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The Velox Pro is a MagSafe compatible dash and windshield mount that combines wireless fast charging with our advanced CryoFlow cooling technology for a superior charging experience.

Created to address the problem of overheating, the Velox Pro utilizes a built-in CryoFlow cooling system to effectively draw heat away from your iPhone, increasing charging speeds. Featuring a semiconductor CryoChip, aluminum heat sink, and 9-blade polycarbonate fan with 20 intakes to maximize airflow, the CryoFlow system automatically turns on when a phone is connected.

The streamlined telescopic arm allows you to keep your phone in a myriad of custom viewing positions, without obstructing your view of the road. A friction ring and snap lock make adjusting the telescopic arm a seamless experience while the detachable USB-C cable can be neatly stowed away when not in use. Stay cool on the road with the Velox Pro from iOttie.


Velox Pro是一款MagSafe兼容的儀錶盤和擋風玻璃支架,結合了無線快速充電和我們先進的CryoFlow冷卻技術,提供卓越的充電體驗。

Velox Pro旨在解決過熱問題,利用內置的CryoFlow冷卻系統有效地將熱量從您的iPhone中抽取出來,提高充電速度。 CryoFlow系統配備半導體CryoChip、鋁散熱器和9葉聚碳酸酯風扇,具有20個進氣口,最大化了空氣流量。當連接電話時,CryoFlow系統會自動啟動。

流線型的伸縮臂讓您可以在多種自定義觀看位置上保持手機,而不會遮擋您的視線。摩擦環和按扣鎖使調整伸縮臂變得無縫,而可拆卸的USB-C電纜可以在不使用時整潔地收納。使用iOttie的Velox Pro保持道路上的涼爽。

iOttie Velox Pro Wireless Dash & Windshield Mount

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