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NOVO DIGITAL 作為香港及澳門的經銷商,除了旨在為零售及批發客戶提供服務,我們擁有年輕、時尚、精力充沛、具創意及前瞻性的團隊,致力尋求世界各地的數碼產品,如電子裝置、耳機、手機配件、皮革小物、自家設計、運動、電競及生活品味產品等等,希望為日新月異的港澳市場帶來最快最新的衝擊。






在資訊和產品都處於快速消耗的年代,我們更加要長遠而有計劃地為市場提供養份,符合良性市場競爭的定價、產品質量、售後服務、促銷優惠、和客戶支援是我們最堅守的核心價值,當數碼化產品融入生活,令人的生活變得更好,期望你與NOVO 一起成長!


Our team are young, stylish, creative and energetic working style company with the aim of supplying retail / wholesales customer, vendors who looking for distribution of lifestyle products in Hong Kong. 


We are a fast growing distributor of lifestyle products such as Mobile Accessories, Earphones, Gaming and any digital products in Hong Kong.


To achieve excellence and success in the digitizing company requires having supremacy in innovation, marketing, and distribution. NOVO DIGITAL has invested in all aspects since inception in creating products and services that transform lifestyle for the digital economy.


Our Vision

NOVO DIGITAL envisions provision of excellent products that reach our customers without any hassles.


Our Mission

NOVO DIGITAL is the philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices and personal efficiency. The bigwigs in the company have always believed in advancing business by investing in innovation, advanced technology, quality product, and services. The techniques and strategies adopted have helped us forge a strong bond with our customers and clients.


Our Core values

NOVO DIGITAL has built its foundation on very strong values that are imbibed in every person engaged with us. Customers at NOVO DIGITAL have been always treated with utmost respect and they have laid great faith in us as a company. The company follows a strict code of conduct.

We are setting a new standard of excellence in the digital industry. It starts with YOU. Every product, word, action, and decision have the potential to benefit our customers and our team contributes to our success.


We think of safety first for our customers in everything we do and sell, our team and our customers are our greatest assets. We value them, protect them, take care of them and reduce the risk they face. As our customer, no matter where you are; in the office, on the road, or in your house. We look at the situation and eliminate potential dangers by delivering the best product suitable for you.

We believe there are many digital companies. However, they are only competitors if we deliver the same level of products they do. Our greatest competitive advantage is that we catapult above all others in the industry by delighting every customer by doing far more than our customers would dream our products we'd do. NOVO DIGITAL delivers wow by exceeding every of our customer's expectations in relation to their lifestyle.



We firmly believe integrity is one factor that aids a business to make its mark. Integrity is well absorbed by the roots of our company. For our industry, it is important to pick up and deliver the right products to promote the underlying goal of the company. 



Trust that our customers have in the company is the cornerstone of NOVO DIGITAL our seamless functioning has helped establish us as the most trusted lifestyle products distributors in the DIGITAL industry. 



The motive of establishing the empire is to promote wellness in our people lifestyle. We care about the concerns of our customers to keep their belief in our products strong.



Undertaking initiatives have helped transform our company into a leader in the market. Our team of professionals is our asset and has given the company the much-required thrust to succeed via choosing the best lifestyle digital products to meet your need.



Innovation and improvisation are the most critical factors for an organization. The DIGITAL industry, specifically requires innovation because of the presence of competition and new requirement every day. Innovation is what differentiates NOVO DIGITAL  from its competitors. Innovation has helped us look at the long-term perspective of the industry. 



Products supplied by NOVO DIGITAL have been consistent in their results delivered.



To continue to preserve the faith of your loyal customers it is important that you remain committed to your promises. It is very common that companies fail to keep their promises after tasting success. NOVO DIGITAL ensures that we stick to the most basic value of the company and remain committed to nourishing the business. Commitment to our work allows us to remain focused on the goals of the company.


We believe that transparency in the business is of utmost importance to garner the confidence of customers. NOVO DIGITAL wants its customers to know what they are buying and does not support the concept of hiding anything from people associated with the company.

Everyday with NOVO

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