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1)Novo Digital Company Limited 同意在有效保用期內提供上述機件之本地自攜維修服務。

Novo Digital Company Limited agreed to provide local self-carrying warranty service within warranty period.

2)本公司負責在有效保用期內,如該機之各部份機件遇損壞而需要更換或修理時,不收任何費用,唯該機之連接線 / 隨機附件及機身外殼除外。

Within the effective warranty period, we do not charge any fee for the case of mechanical damage, accessories and cover are not included.

3)於下列情況下,保養將自動失效 :

(a) 因水,火,意外,疏忽,使用不當或濫用,輸入不合適電壓,正常之日久使用損耗,及任何擅自修理或改裝所造成之損壞。

We do not accept for warranty of following cases:

(A) due to improper water, fire, accident, neglect, or abuse. Improper input voltage, usual wear and tear of consuming, and any damage caused by unauthorized repair or modification .


Customers must present the original purchase receipt and the original Authorized sticker.


All Warranty only applies to Hong Kong and Macau Region.


In case of any dispute, NOVO DIGITAL COMPANY LIMITED will retain the right of final decision.



If you have any questions about our Warranty Policy, please contact us:



​Monday to Friday 11am-6pm

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday Close

Whatsapp (for product warranty arrangement / 預約維修)

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