Power Delivery 3.0
When using the PD compatible USB adapter, the battery is fully charged in about 2.5 hours. Ultra fast charge has been realized! Charging from the USB-C port to the PD compatible device is chargeable from 0% to about 75% in 45 minutes for iPhone XS.
With AUTO-IC function to automatically recognize connected devices when charging from the USB-A port. Since the optimum current (maximum 2.4 A) flows for each device, it can charge quickly any device
USB - A to C and C to C cable is included so that you can charge the main unit even if you do not own the USB - C plug adapter.
Even more cute original porch! Please use this battery when you go out.
We adopt only cells that have cleared our own strict inspection standards and ensure safety by thorough inspection such as design check of board by quality control personnel. Of course, it has an automatic stop function when overcharging, overdischarging, shorting, and heat generation are installed.
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product name                              cheero Power Plus DANBOARD 13400 mAh PD 18 W

Model number                            CHE-097

input                                                USB Type-C (PD): 5 V / 3A, 9 V / 2A, 12 V / 1.5 A (18 W max) PD 3.0

output                                             USB Type- A: 5 V / 2.4 A max. (With Auto-IC function) 
                                                            (2 Ports total 18 W ) USB Type-C (PD): 5 V / 3A, 9 V / )

Dimensions (Body)                   Approximately 92 x 80 x 23 mm

Weight (main body)                 Approximately 245 g

Main function                              1. AUTO - IC function  Automatically detects the connected device                                                                        and feeds the optimum current at maximum 2.4A. 
                                                            2. Automatic stop function Automatic stop function at the time of                                                                        overcharging (voltage / current), over discharge (voltage / current) at 
                                                         short circuit (short circuit), heating  
                                                            3. Automatic stop function at completion of device charging ※ Not                                                                       applicable models.

Compatible model                     Various types of iPhone, iPod, iPad 
                                                            USB Type-C / micro USB compatible smartphone / tablet / PC 
                                                            Wi-Fi router

accessories                                    USB-C USB-C cable  for charging the main body · USB-A USB-C cable                                                                for main body charging         

                                                            Instruction manual, warranty card (1 year warranty) 
                                                            Original pouch




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