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The next generation of our best-selling car mount, the Easy One Touch 5 Dash and Windshield Mount combines versatility and convenience. This upgrade features an enhanced button and cradle for wider device and case compatibility. The telescopic arm extends up to 6.75 inches offering drivers a more customized viewing experience. A new magnetic cord organizer eliminates the possibility of tangled wires. And a redesigned bottom foot and suction cup guarantee a secure hold. With our patented sleek design and superior quality, the Easy One Touch 5 is sure to complement any modern automotive interior while delivering the best in smartphone mounting solutions.


作為我們最暢銷的下一代車載支架,Easy One Touch 5 Dash and Windshield Mount 兼具多功能性和便利性。 此升級具有增強的按鈕和底座,可實現更廣泛的設備和外殼兼容性。 伸縮臂延伸至 6.75 英寸,為駕駛員提供更加個性化的觀看體驗。 一種新的磁線組織器消除了電線纏結的可能性。 重新設計的底腳和吸盤可確保牢固固定。 憑藉我們獲得專利的時尚設計和卓越品質,Easy One Touch 5 一定會與任何現代汽車內飾相得益彰,同時提供最佳的智能手機安裝解決方案。

Easy One Touch 5 Dash / Windshield Mount

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