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  • 防護玻璃

    適用於iPhone 11 系列的全覆蓋型防護玻璃。保護iPhone的所有邊緣。

  • 日本製造

    採用由日本最大的玻璃製造商AGC(前Asahi Glass)製造的鋼化玻璃。

  • 難以打破的特殊製造方法


  • 包括易粘貼套件


  • 防污塗料


  • 飛散防止加工


  • 零泡沫


  • 厚度0.33mm





Protective glass for the new iPhone 11 series (announced in September 2019). Securely protect the screen of the main unit. This is a super clear type with a transmittance of 91%, which reflects the clear and beautiful iPhone image quality. Designed to be compatible with GRAMAS notebook-type cases.


  • Excellent compatibility with shell (back) type case

    Excellent compatibility with GRAMAS shell type case. The entire iPhone can be protected by combining this product that protects the edges of the screen with a shell-type case that covers the back.

  • Antifouling coating

    Antifouling coating on the glass surface makes it difficult for fingerprints to adhere and easy to wipe off. This antifouling coating smoothes finger slipping and improves operability.

  • Protective glass

    Full cover type protective glass for iPhone 11 Series . Protects all the edges of the iPhone

  • Made in Japan

    Employs tempered glass made by AGC (former Asahi Glass), the largest glass manufacturer in Japan

  • Special manufacturing method that is hard to break

    The fragile edge is reinforced with a special manufacturing method, so it has higher impact resistance than conventional protective glass.

  • Easy paste kit included

    Comes with a kit that can be attached easily by fixing the position of the glass

  • Flying prevention

    The glass is less likely to scatter even if it breaks.

  • Zero bubbles

    Uses specially-processed silicone glue, so air can escape easily and bubbles do not enter.

  • Thickness 0.33mm

    It has an exquisite thickness of 0.33mm that does not reduce the original strength of glass.


* This product will be shipped after September 20th.

GRAMAS Protection Glass Normal for iPhone 11

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