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“睡眠質量”是生活質素的指標。 Sleepion 系列的目的是以天然形式助人進入高品質深層睡眠。




在開發SLEEPION 3時,團隊的目標定在“簡單易用”及使用“聲音,香味及光線這些自然元素去創造這個産品。







從Sleepion 3的揚聲器360°播放音樂,如水面的波紋,將整個房間包裹起來。因為它發揮接近這些自然聲音的特性,所以可以減少傳統音頻所具有的不自然性,更像置身天然環境般舒適。

也有 AUX IN可以使用自己喜歡的歌曲。





3. 100%天然成分的芳香片

獨立包裝,易於處理,內附10片3種類型的芳香片。 (4個薰衣草,3個天竺葵,3個安息香)





*操作簡單:只需轉動音量控制鍵,即可開始播放內置聲源,並在45分鐘內自動關閉電源。 *配備外部輸入端子(AUX IN):在外部聲音輸入中,會進行連續播放模式。

* 兩種電源兼容:可與USB AC適配器 (需另外購買)或專用電池(已包括) 一起使用。

*我們也支持在白天使用,不僅能有助睡眠,而且還可以讓白天工作時放鬆一下及改善習中力。 (為了清爽度,建議使用檸檬草迷迭香等清爽的香氣 (需另外購買))


All natural to help people fall asleep


“Sleep quality” is an indicator of quality of life. The purpose of the Sleepion series is to help people enter high quality deep sleep in a natural form.


Get a good night's sleep, eat healthy and delicious food, perform physical and mental fulfillment activities, and then sleep. A good life rhythm was born.


In the development of SLEEPION 3, the team's goal was to "easy to use" and use the natural elements of sound, fragrance and light to create this product.


At the same time, it also uses 14 self-developed natural aromatic tablets to sleep every night in a comfortable and natural rhythm.


Sleepion3's three technologies


1. Natural soft sound quality

Play music from the Sleepion 3's speakers 360°, such as the ripples on the water, wrapping the entire room. Because it is close to the characteristics of these natural sounds, it can reduce the unnaturalness of traditional audio, more comfortable than the natural environment.

There are also AUX INs that can use your favorite songs.


2. Original sound source

There are 15 original songs in sleep music, each of which uses sleep music and natural sounds. It automatically stops every 45 minutes.


3. 100% natural ingredients

Individually packaged and easy to handle, it comes with 10 pieces of 3 types of aromatic tablets. (4 lavender, 3 geraniums, 3 benzoin)


The gentle and warm light is reminiscent of the naturally fluctuating candle light that calms the mind. Of course you can choose to turn the lights on or off according to your preferences.


Other functions

*Easy operation: just turn the volume control button to start playing the built-in sound source and automatically turn off the power within 45 minutes. *Equipped with external input terminal (AUX IN): In the external sound input, continuous playback mode will be performed.

* Two power supplies compatible: Can be used with a USB AC adapter (purchased separately) or a dedicated battery (included).

* We also support the use during the day, not only to help sleep, but also to relax and improve the habit during the day. (For refreshment, it is recommended to use a refreshing aroma such as lemongrass rosemary (sold separately))

Sleepion 3

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