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The Velox Mini is our most compact wireless air vent mount yet! Designed exclusively for MagSafe compatible iPhones and cases, the Velox Mini delivers up to 7.5W of power. Just tap your phone against the mount face and powerful magnets will hold it in place in perfect alignment.

Easily install the Velox Mini by sliding the prongs onto your vehicle’s air vent blade, where silicone grips prevent it from slipping. A versatile ball joint allows you to adjust the cradle for an ideal and safe viewing position while you drive. A series of ventilation holes constructed around the mount help to dissipate heat and maintain airflow. Available in midnight blue and astral gray.

Now it’s easier than ever to keep your phone powered up on the go.


Velox Mini 是我們迄今為止最緊湊的無線通風口支架! Velox Mini 專為兼容 MagSafe 的 iPhone 和手機殼設計,可提供高達 7.5W 的功率。只需將您的手機輕觸安裝面,強大的磁鐵就會將其固定到位,完美對齊。 將插腳滑到車輛的通風口葉片上,即可輕鬆安裝 Velox Mini,矽膠手柄可防止其滑動。多功能球形接頭讓您可以在駕駛時調整支架以獲得理想且安全的觀看位置。安裝座周圍的一系列通風孔有助於散熱和保持氣流。提供午夜藍和星空灰。 現在比以往任何時候都更容易讓您的手機在旅途中保持開機狀態。

Velox Mini Wireless Air Vent Mount (Astral Gray)

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